10 of My Development Needs and Cardiff NHS Hackday

I was going to call this post “Don’t worry about the slashed training budget…. Send your people to NHS Hackdays and get them trained for free…”. However that gives the wrong message and would send some Organisational Development Professionals into a bit of a ‘tail spin’. The idea doesn’t quite fit with conventional thinking. The […]

Cardiff NHS Hackday 2015 – A Wales Coastal Path Pitch

This weekend sees the return of the Cardiff NHS Hackday and I’m going to make the plunge. Last year I was an interested observer, and produced a few posts about what happened (available here). This year I’m hoping to make a pitch. This might be a completely daft idea, so I’m testing it here first, what […]

Cardiff NHS Hackday #nhshd Live! Here’s a taster.

This weekend is the NHS Hackday in Cardiff that I’ve mentioned previously.  We are about half way through Day 1 (having a very nice lunch).  There is huge amount of material that’s being created over the weekend. Part of what we are doing is trying to share it as widely as possible, and here is a guest post […]

Hackdays. The antidote to a clogged up system?

You must have heard the quotes that get rattled out in public services to encourage different ways of thinking? Often misquoted, they get attributed to to Albert Einstein (to add some credibility) and are generally along the lines of: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them” “Insanity: doing […]

Homologation, Rule Changes and Forcing Innovation

 What is Homologation? A quick multiple choice test; The process for making fruit smoothies, The measurement of tree trunks at a saw-mill, or Approval being granted by an official body. Congratulations if you chose Number 3. Homologation is indeed the process of an official body (Government, Court of Law, Academic Body, Professional Institution, Industry Body etc) […]