Mission Impossible Community of Practice…..a Movement?

A friend has been given mission impossible, “you are required to”………: Bring together a large group people from diverse and often competing sectors; Across a wide geographical area and un-specified timescale; Get them to share skills, knowledge and resources; All for the greater good, there’s no money in it; There aren’t any obvious or immediate benefits from […]

What’s eating the Trojan Mice?

Last week I posted about setting free Trojan Mice and argued that when faced with complex situations we need to carry out multiple ‘safe to fail’ pilots (rather than large single option solutions) .  All very fine, but once you’ve set the Trojan Mice free, how do you give them the best chance of success? Learning […]

Let loose the Trojan Mice…………don’t waste money on big stuff

Trojan Mice is a great phrase Euan Semple used in his blog about ten ways to create knowledge ecology .  “Unleash Trojan Mice. Don’t do big things or spend loads of money. Set small, nimble things running and see where they head.” I haven’t found the phrase on Wikipedia (yet), but a search on Trojan Mice will take you […]

Going Viral……… Love Padlocks in Florence

This not just a bit of whimsy, although a number of people I’ve mentioned this to have completely bypassed the really interesting viral element and gone straight to “aah.. isn’t that romantic”……….. I suppose it is, but not the point here. On a recent trip to Florence (Firenze) my travelling companion and I were pondering how […]

5s and improvement – divergent views?

I recently posted about the use of 5S and visual management in hospitals as a method for organising work and improving processes. 5s has evolved from Japanese manufacturing techniques and being widely applied to all sorts of activities, including public services. It’s an interesting area and I’m learning a lot about how it’s being used and […]

Herding cats….. the definition of an Unconference?

I sometimes wonder if I’ve been unknowingly attending unconferences for very many years, and just not recognising it. Are they just another version of meetings / workshops / seminars and conferences, that just happen to be ‘organisation free’? I also wonder if their current rise in popularity might be due to a bit of reinvention […]

Experts love complicated things

I’m recovering from pneumonia at the moment. The early stages involved five days in hospital and a fantastic opportunity for some ‘hands on’ NHS user experience.  I’m not recommending anyone interested in the workings of the NHS gets sick, but it doesn’t half give you an insight. As it turns out I’m a very straightforward / simple […]