The Rule of 1%. Why it matters to your online community.

A bit of my curmudgeon side creeping out here.
Thanks to Dyfrig for posting for me.

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Effective use of Information Technology

I have to be careful here and try to avoid sounding like a curmudgeon.

A few words of caution for anyone about to launch an online community;


  • Most people will not participate (even if they say they will),
  • Many of those that participate initially, will stop after a few months (weeks probably),
  • You will be left with a core of ‘die hard’ enthusiasts (talking to each other), and
  • An (increasingly disillusioned) ‘community facilitator’ working at
    full stretch to keep the community alive.

Sorry if that sounds very negative, but it is a fair reflection of the reality in some of the online communities I’ve experienced It’s also part of the 1% rule of Internet culture.

The 1% rule or the 90–9–1 principle is a hypothesis that more people will lurk in a virtual community than will participate. It’s been around since the mid 2000’s and has been…

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