Trojan Mice and the #DollyChallenge

Does this make any sense? Or is it just a lame attempt to make taking ‘well managed risks’ sound appealing?

The Dolly Challenge. If I’m having to explain this. I guess I’ve failed, but thanks for sticking with me. Basically the #DollyPartonChallenge is the latest fad that’s doing the rounds on the internet. Post pictures of yourself on 4 different social media platforms:

  • LinkedIn – serious / businesslike me
  • Facebook – Real life, take me as you find me
  • Instagram – no idea, not my thing, but a polished/posed version?
  • Tinder – super seductive and enticing

You get the drift… If you want a bit more explanation, have a look at this BBC article about how Cleveland Police have used it to help find a wanted person.

How does an auditor ‘sell’ a presentation about ‘well managed risks’? Be honest, who is going to be thrilled at the thought of an auditor talking to them for 15 minutes about well manged risks? I’d make a wild guess at… not many!

So… the #DollyPartonChallenge for Trojan Mice is my attempt to make well managed risk taking come across as ‘super seductive’ and as inciting as possible. Obviously I’ve swapped Instagram for Twitter, because its Twitter I know and don’t have much of a clue about ‘Insta’.

This is ‘actually something I’ve got to do next week, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll stop here, and get my coat. I think I might have gone too far…

If you are interested in Trojan Mice, here’s some stuff I’ve written about them.

General Description:

Things that block Trojan Mice:

Spotting the difference between Trojan Horses and Trojan Mice:

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I'm from Old South Wales and I'm interested almost everything. Narrowing it down a bit: cooperatives, social enterprises, decent public services, complexity science, The Cynefin Framework, behavioural science and a sustainable future. In 2018/19 I completed a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship, looking at big cooperative enterprises and social businesses in NE Spain and the USA. You can find out more here:

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