If Carlsberg did Physics Teachers…. they would make Alessio Bernardelli.

I am totally inspired at the moment. Of all things it’s about physics, education and blogging, all thanks to Alessio Bernardelli. Last night Alessio spoke at a WordPress Users Wales meeting about his blog and how he’s been using blogging in education. Here is his blog, please go and visit you won’t be disappointed (check […]

Bag Packing, Social Skills and Youth Rugby

Youth rugby isn’t what it used to be in my day. We lived up to stereotypes. Not so nowadays, must be the Sam Warburton influence. Saturday was all about learning………… social skills for under 16’s rugby players…..unlikely I know. My sons under 16’s team are going on tour and the fund-raising is as much a […]

Stop the Social Media Arms Race in School

This week I have mostly been a field ethnographer.  Basically I have been talking to my kids and finding out what they do with social media in school. This came about from Mondays post about the use of mobile phones in schools. I also read a post by William Stites about why we need social […]

Can mobile phones help learning in schools?

At the beginning of the academic year I had to sign up to my kid’s school (anti) mobile phone policy. Effectively it banned the use of mobile devices during school hours. The reason was to combat things like cyber bullying and other types of misuse. Worthwhile objectives, but I’m not sure how enforceable it is. I remember the […]

“go to where the people are”

38 degrees – the angle beyond which an avalanche can happen. Clever!           This follows the last post about why lots of public sector people don’t use social media for work. From the comments you’ll see there are exceptions, with people like Helen Reynolds and her Yammer group moving things forward. Keep up the good work! […]