Groundhog Day and the Tyranny of Best Practice

Today is Groundhog Day. I’m not joking the 2nd February really is Groundhog Day. Groundhog day is a much loved North American tradition, but according to the Oxford Dictionaries, it also stands for something else; “a series of unwelcome or tedious events that keep recurring in exactly the same way”. In other words, a continuous loop of the same old […]

Best Practice Glossary or Buzzword Bingo?

If you are a fan of buzzword bingo you might be in for a treat. I think I’ve stumbled upon a new subset of buzzwords for a bingo card on best practice phrases. In the post ‘Is Best Practice the Enemy of Innovation?’ I suggesting that we (particularly those with significant power or influence) should be […]

Is Best Practice the Enemy of Innovation?

Here’s a confession. Before I go to bed I like to watch an episode of How It’s Made. There is something very soothing about manufacturing processes. The logical sequence, efficient systems, robotic arms, complete repeatability, high levels of certainty and quality products are like a comfort blanket before I go to sleep. Unfortunately the world […]