Thailand Flood Hacks. Plastic Bottles, Expatiation and Innovation

Everything is wrong with this picture. There is no cat I’ve ever known that would permit me (or anyone else) to: Put a vest on it, Sew plastic water-bottles into the vest, and Sit around to have its picture taken wearing the offending garment (it does have it’s back to the camera though). Thai Flood […]

3 Mystery Shopper Tasks for; Executives, Non Executives, Directors and Chiefs

  I’m thrilled with my latest T-Shirt purchase,“something buried in the dirt cannot topple”, it’s all about the slogan….. My interpretation; if you are deeply involved to something at a practical level (buried in the dirt), you are less likely to be easily disrupted (toppled) by external forces or events. I’m sure we could spend […]

Good Practice Case Studies, No #Failure? You’re Doing It Wrong.

Good practice case studies are like Hollywood movie trailers…… they only show you the best bits of what happened (with some exceptions). Sorry if that’s upset anyone, I am trying to be helpful. There is a great deal that can be learnt from the things that ‘didn’t quite go to plan’ (failure in many cases). […]

Homologation, Rule Changes and Forcing Innovation

A quick multiple choice test; What is Homologation? The process for making fruit smoothies, A delicious new yoghurt using Greek Honey and Goats Milk, or Approval being granted by an official body.   Congratulations if you chose Number 3. Homologation is indeed the process of an official body (Government, Court of Law, Academic Body, Professional Institution, Industry […]