Hackdays. The antidote to a clogged up system?

You must have heard the quotes that get rattled out in public services to encourage different ways of thinking? Often misquoted, they get attributed to to Albert Einstein (to add some credibility) and are generally along the lines of: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them” “Insanity: doing […]

How do you part with books?

The last few days I’ve been passing on the book collection my late Father in Law had built up over 50 years. There were in excess of 1500 books and it’s been really tough. At one level there is the basic problem of handing over a book. There is something about a book that seems […]

Mission Impossible Community of Practice…..a Movement?

A friend has been given mission impossible, “you are required to”………: Bring together a large group people from diverse and often competing sectors; Across a wide geographical area and un-specified timescale; Get them to share skills, knowledge and resources; All for the greater good, there’s no money in it; There aren’t any obvious or immediate benefits from […]