Why us Welsh make the best guides at German Museums

Recently I visited 3 Berlin museums in a single day, impressive I know, 6 hours of intensive learning and culture. These were all good learning experiences; however the best one was delivered by someone Welsh, Shaun from Aberystwyth!  I’m not being biased here, there are good reasons I’ll explain. I’m not going to give you a […]

Fun at work is allowed……….employee engagement at Admiral

A quick post on my day out at the Engage4Success  event hosted by Admiral Insurance in Cardiff. One of the most significant things I heard about was the Admiral approach to employee engagement. They are a hugely successful company, based largely on having engaged employees. Have a look at the impressive history of the  best workplace […]

Bag Packing, Social Skills and Youth Rugby

Youth rugby isn’t what it used to be in my day. We lived up to stereotypes. Not so nowadays, must be the Sam Warburton influence. Saturday was all about learning………… social skills for under 16’s rugby players…..unlikely I know. My sons under 16’s team are going on tour and the fund-raising is as much a […]

Beware of the Leopard -Vogon Planning Revisited

If you’ve never experienced Vogons all will be explained in a minute. I’ve just had a visit from a neighbour in a mild state of distress, “have you seen the letter from the planning department about next door?”…….. The planned development isn’t a big deal, it was the rules on how you can view the application that distressed my neighbour. If you […]