Week 1 of #TiL253. What have I learnt so far?

The Experiment So Far. ¬†On January 1st I started a personal experiment to try and record some of the interesting things I bumped into most days. The thinking behind it is explained here: An Experiment for 2016 #TiL253. What I’ve learnt so far: The figures: Between the 1st – 9th January I posted 8 TiL’s […]

An Experiment for 2016 #TiL253

This is an Experiment. I’m having a go at recording some of the interesting things that cross my path. It’s called #TiL253. Today I Learned (TiL), I’ll explain the # and the 253 in a minute. Why Bother? Most days I; read about / get told / overhear / observe / randomly discover interesting things […]