Week 1 of #TiL253. What have I learnt so far?

The Experiment So Far.  On January 1st I started a personal experiment to try and record some of the interesting things I bumped into most days. The thinking behind it is explained here: An Experiment for 2016 #TiL253.

What I’ve learnt so far:

  • The figures: Between the 1st – 9th January I posted 8 TiL’s using #TiL253.
  • I managed to record two number 6’s – so missed out 7 and jumped straight to number 8 (not my best effort at counting).
  • It’s probably too early to try and make sense of the 8 TiL’s I’ve collected, something for bigger numbers.
  • I’m still trying to work out how I collate and summarise what I’ve got. At the moment I’m looking at something like Storify, which might help to tidy up the Twitter search of #TiL253, which even at this early stage looks a bit messy.
  • Helpfully, I was guided through Trello last week (by @ComplexWales) which looks like a neat way to manage the  organisation of the TiL’s I’ve gathered. More on the development of that in future posts.
  • People: People have been both interested and helpful, which has been great, thank you.
  • Collecting the TiL’s has been far easier than I’d expected. There was only one day in the first week when I was so ‘head down’ and absorbed in doing something that I didn’t get around to identifying something I’d learned (I probably did, but I was too mentally exhausted to record it).
  • How the TiL’s emerged. There’s no obvious pattern yet, but for the record, here are this weeks #TiL253’s


The Goldilocks Zone – this emerged as I was writing the post to introduce #TiL253. One of my kids was astonished that I didn’t know this piece of basic interplanetary theory.



Archie Cochrane X-Rays in the Rhondda.

This popped up after aTwitter exchange about TiL with Sian Jones (@evidentlysian). Coincidentally I’d recently had a conversation about the Cochrane archive with my cousin who works in Llandough Hospital where it lives.



Ageing Well in Wales. 

This did pop up in work related conversation, but it’s also of a personal interest, if you know what I mean……. (worth a read).




“Do. Or do not do. There is no try” I genuinely did no know this Yoda quote…..oh the shame I feel….. first Goldilocks Zone, now Star Wars entry-level material.

The Yoda quote popped up in a #TiL253 related Twitter conversation, where I was completely clueless (so I stayed quiet and kept my head down for a while – always best on Twitter I find).

Thankfully Usha Kuchimanchi (@learntodoc) saved the day and explained the reference. It’s opened my eyes to a new world of Yoda quotes….



General Stanley McChrystal. ‘We should lead like Gardeners.’

Another one that emerged from #TiL253.

Thanks to @tamsinStirling1 I ended up listening to a very good BBC Radio 4 programme on the Future of Leadership by Margaret Heffernan.

The interview with Stanley McChrystal and the quote about leadership being like gardening seemed perfect.



Extensivists.  Popped up in a work conversation – I was truly astonished by this word.

So have a few people I’ve tested it on.




Go Girls (Bron Afon Housing).

This was my second number six – but probably a refection of my over enthusiasm

This came from a Randomised Coffee Trials (thanks David Gurteen) conversation and is an example of something I wanted to remember and share.

I did share it, with some people who found it very helpful to know about what was happening with Go Girls, hopefully that might also help Go Girls.



Keynote Listening. (no number 7, straight to number 8)

I love the idea of Keynote Listening and getting the ‘Sage off the Stage’. It came from a work conversation and is something I’d like to follow up.


That’s it for my first week of #TiL253. I’m not sure if this summary format works. I’ll have a look at Trello and Storify to see what the future alternatives are.

So, What’s the PONT?

  1. People have been very interested in #TiL253 and generous in providing support and advice, thank you.
  2. I’m still not sure about the best way to collate and summaries what I’ve learnt. More to follow on that.
  3. There’s no obvious learning, pattern or ‘meta’ understanding emerging yet. I think I need a fair few TiL’s for that to happen.

About WhatsthePONT

I'm from Old South Wales and I'm interested almost everything. Narrowing it down a bit: cooperatives, social enterprises, decent public services, complexity science, The Cynefin Framework, behavioural science and a sustainable future. In 2018/19 I completed a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship, looking at big cooperative enterprises and social businesses in NE Spain and the USA. You can find out more here: https://whatsthepont.com/churchill-fellowship/

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