Malicious Compliance and Lessons from Garden Maintenance with my Kids.

How not to motivate teenagers. Garden maintenance is not my day job; in fact it’s about as far away from ‘desk driving’, as it’s possible to travel. These two areas do however have some interesting crossovers, where it might be possible (in theory) to transfer some learning. Before I say anything it is probably worth mentioning […]

Stop the Social Media Arms Race in School

This week I have mostly been a field ethnographer.  Basically I have been talking to my kids and finding out what they do with social media in school. This came about from Mondays post about the use of mobile phones in schools. I also read a post by William Stites about why we need social […]

Can mobile phones help learning in schools?

At the beginning of the academic year I had to sign up to my kid’s school (anti) mobile phone policy. Effectively it banned the use of mobile devices during school hours. The reason was to combat things like cyber bullying and other types of misuse. Worthwhile objectives, but I’m not sure how enforceable it is. I remember the […]