Crowdsourcing, could this be the groovy new name for staff ideas schemes?

Recently someone important told me that Crowdsourcing was “old hat, and we’ve moved on from that”. What they had moved on to wasn’t explained but I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface of Crowdsourcing in the world I occupy. Fortunately I went to an IdeasUK event last week which was focussed on how social media […]

Will things look different in the morning?

The next time you see this blog it will be better it is now (hopefully). Tonight is going to be a bit of a watershed for me: It’s been five months since I started blogging; I’ve managed to produce 40 posts in that time; and Tonight I’m up for public review. I’ll be at the […]

Mission Impossible Community of Practice…..a Movement?

A friend has been given mission impossible, “you are required to”………: Bring together a large group people from diverse and often competing sectors; Across a wide geographical area and un-specified timescale; Get them to share skills, knowledge and resources; All for the greater good, there’s no money in it; There aren’t any obvious or immediate benefits from […]

DON’T PANIC!…..e-petitions aren’t the end of civilisation

This weekend the Welsh papers had a fair bit of coverage on the Westminster Government’s introduction of e-petitions. It was good to see they gave lots of positive coverage to Wales under headings like Welsh way shows how to do e-petitions and pointed the way to the detailed petitions guidance. What was interesting was the […]

Let Twitter on the Train take the strain……..

Last week I got stuck on Leeds Railway Station for a few hours.  It gave me the opportunity to have a conversation with a chilled out and extremely well-informed individual, who seemed to know everything that was going on. They weren’t a train company employee, just someone who had harnessed the power of Twitter. Through Twitter feeds […]

Let loose the Trojan Mice…………don’t waste money on big stuff

Trojan Mice is a great phrase Euan Semple used in his blog about ten ways to create knowledge ecology .  “Unleash Trojan Mice. Don’t do big things or spend loads of money. Set small, nimble things running and see where they head.” I haven’t found the phrase on Wikipedia (yet), but a search on Trojan Mice will take you […]