Employee Engagement – is 150 the Magic Number, plus something else?

Is there such a thing as the ‘best’ or ‘right’ number of people in a successful organisation? Last week I was at the Cardiff University Distinguished Lecture Series where I listened to Professor Robin Dunbar explain that around 150 people is the optimum number to  maintain the informal relationships and cohesiveness that allow a community […]

DON’T PANIC!…..e-petitions aren’t the end of civilisation

This weekend the Welsh papers had a fair bit of coverage on the Westminster Government’s introduction of e-petitions. It was good to see they gave lots of positive coverage to Wales under headings like Welsh way shows how to do e-petitions and pointed the way to the detailed petitions guidance. What was interesting was the […]

“Build it and they will come…… Dude”

This follows on from the last post about 38degrees, the use of social media and the idea of “go to where the people are”. I was in a meeting with some colleagues talking about how get the public sector more engaged with social media and how we should “go to where the people are” and absolutely […]