X Factor (not quite) Public Review as an Improvement Technique

Well, last week I got a taste of what I think it might be like to be an X-Factor contestant: Stand up in front of some highly experienced people; Deliver your best amateur effort; Listen carefully to what they have got to say about it; Then: laugh/cry/high-five/run away/smile graciously (delete as appropriate). No, it wasn’t […]

Court Room Drama – how environment influences behavior, so use it.

Last week I was in Court, don’t get excited, it was as a witness for the prosecution. A couple of things made an impression upon me: Fantastic support from the Witness Support Team (I’ll say more about this again) and; the really high ceiling in the Court Room (it must have been 25ft / 8m tall). This […]

Beware of the Leopard -Vogon Planning Revisited

If you’ve never experienced Vogons all will be explained in a minute. I’ve just had a visit from a neighbour in a mild state of distress, “have you seen the letter from the planning department about next door?”…….. The planned development isn’t a big deal, it was the rules on how you can view the application that distressed my neighbour. If you […]

Let Twitter on the Train take the strain……..

Last week I got stuck on Leeds Railway Station for a few hours.  It gave me the opportunity to have a conversation with a chilled out and extremely well-informed individual, who seemed to know everything that was going on. They weren’t a train company employee, just someone who had harnessed the power of Twitter. Through Twitter feeds […]

Stop the Social Media Arms Race in School

This week I have mostly been a field ethnographer.  Basically I have been talking to my kids and finding out what they do with social media in school. This came about from Mondays post about the use of mobile phones in schools. I also read a post by William Stites about why we need social […]

Bernie the Sheep, social marketing tackling social problems

Here’s an example of how social marketing and social media are being used innovatively to deliver better public services in Wales.  I really would have liked to have found something other than a sheep story (they tend to reinforce stereotypes). But with about 9 million sheep, we are the most important sheep rearing area in […]

Hand Sanitisation (washing) and visual management in hospital

This is another experience to come out of my visit to hospital. I couldn’t help notice how much effort had gone into 5S and visual management on one of the wards. Good news I thought as I’d heard a lot about how it is being used to improve effectiveness in hospitals. 5S (sort, set, shine, standardise, […]

Experts love complicated things

I’m recovering from pneumonia at the moment. The early stages involved five days in hospital and a fantastic opportunity for some ‘hands on’ NHS user experience.  I’m not recommending anyone interested in the workings of the NHS gets sick, but it doesn’t half give you an insight. As it turns out I’m a very straightforward / simple […]

Kaizen! Toast v Beer, Who Wins?

I love You Tube, it a great resource for sharing and learning but sadly not widely used by public services (in many organisations it’s blocked, like most social media). I’m also quite interested in beer, so this grabbed my attention, particularly when you throw in Kaizen. Amongst the dozens of You Tube videos on Kaizen, […]