Spot the meeting saboteur checklist

The original image was a spotter & sniper. I've gone for something less provocative.
The original image was a spotter & sniper. I've gone for something less provocative.

This is the follow-up from the earlier post dealing with field sabotage which was based on the guidance in The Simple Sabotage Field Manual .
It’s my tick list, updated from the 1944 CIA field manual, section that covers; ‘general interference with organisations and production‘. It’s also got a few personal irritations thrown in.

Print it off and enjoy identifying the saboteurs in your meetings.

How to use it?  If you spot a behavior, give the person a score between 1 and
10.  10 is an extreme example, a definite saboteur, 1 is a ‘good guy’. For anyone who scores more than 50 out of a 100, you might need to think about intervention, like corrective behavior techniques……..  NO! Only joking!

Please use this as intended, a bit of fun.

Spot the meeting saboteur checklist

No. Behavior & Phrases Used Score out of 10 Target (optional)
1 Returning to previous decisions or points dealt with earlier
2 “Let me play devil’s advocate……”
3 “We need to be very cautious here”.. when we obviously  don’t
4 Not engaging in any practical activity
5 Quoting rules, policy and procedure
6 “I totally agree with what you are saying”, then
proceeding to disagree
7 Doing or saying nothing for long spells
8 Constant fiddling with a smart phone, laptop or some other  device
9 Using the boss as a threat, constantly. “Mr Big / Ms Important said / wants / demands / thinks the following…..”
10 Making grandiose statements with nothing to back them up.  Usually nothing to do with the point being

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