Keep advancing until you take enemy fire…. how to measure impact.

Advancing until you meet fire from the ‘enemy’ is a very effective way of gauging if you have had any impact. It’s not the only measure, but it is a cast iron indicaton that you have stirred something up. I have to thank a former colleague (Howard) for telling me about this. He explained how […]

Six email Hand Grenades to avoid before the holidays.

Be honest and own up …….. Have you have ever sent a really horrible email to a colleague at 5pm on a Friday evening? Then, made it worse by switching on ‘out of office’, shutting down the computer and going away on holidays for two weeks? It’s like throwing an email hand grenade over the […]

My epic communication fail…… The 4 Foot Post Story

This week has been about failures in communication.  I’ve ended up with 16 feet of timber for fence posts, excellent. Unfortunately it wasn’t in the shape of the two 8 foot lengths I needed. I got four 4 foot lengths. It might as well have been firewood. I could put this down to a sophisticated […]

Malicious Compliance, I hate painting……. and filling in forms.

This week has been all about malicious compliance: filling in my tax return before the £100 fine; ‘helping’ my kids with home work (work out who is least willing and compliant here); completing my expenses form before the deadline; working out why some people are resistant to tagging for document management; and painting a room […]

Meetings Sabotage, Additional Field Examples

Lately I’ve been spending time in committee meetings. We love our committee meetings here in Wales, although if you’d like an alternative view, here’s Seth’s Blog on “If committees told the truth”. The one thing committees are great for is spotting sabotage and the meeting saboteurs at work. I thought it would be helpful to […]

Ritual Dissent – getting better proposals and dealing with saboteurs

Ritual Dissent is one of my favourite facilitation techniques. It gets good results quickly and is great for dealing with the saboteurs (see spotting field sabotage post). I was taught it by Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge who also provides a method statement. It’s a very structured approach that minimises the opportunities for the saboteurs to do […]