Laughter turns strangers into friends………… sometimes

This week I’ve been attending the Distinguished Lecture Series at Cardiff University where I heard Professor Robin Dunbar (yes, he of Dunbar’s number) talk about some incredibly interesting topics.  I aim to post a few things about the whole lecture series, but for the minute here is what’s grabbing me, the importance of laughter and […]

Experts love complicated things

I’m recovering from pneumonia at the moment. The early stages involved five days in hospital and a fantastic opportunity for some ‘hands on’ NHS user experience.  I’m not recommending anyone interested in the workings of the NHS gets sick, but it doesn’t half give you an insight. As it turns out I’m a very straightforward / simple […]

Spot the meeting saboteur checklist

This is the follow-up from the earlier post dealing with field sabotage which was based on the guidance in The Simple Sabotage Field Manual . It’s my tick list, updated from the 1944 CIA field manual, section that covers; ‘general interference with organisations and production‘. It’s also got a few personal irritations thrown in. Print it off and enjoy […]