Graphic Recording – My (Very Slow) Time Lapse Photography

I’m not going to win any prizes for photography here; I just wanted to illustrate some graphic recording in action.

I’m a big fan of using graphics as a method of knowledge exchange and communication.  Previously I’ve mentioned the work of Paul Richardson who did great work at Public Services Wales Summer School and Delta7 who do some fantastic work around engagement and archetypes.  Now I can post about another piece of the jigsaw, graphic recording.

These pictures are by Laura Sorvala (@_auralab) of the work she did at the All in this Together, Co-production Conference held in Cardiff last week. The image was developed over about 60mins and 4 separate speakers.

I think this is an incredibly effective way of capturing the important messages from the conference, in a way people are more likely to share and re-visit.  Enjoy!

My photographs don’t do justice to Laura’s skills. Have a look at Laura’s website and the All in this Together blog for better images.

So, what’s the PONT? (pretty much what I’ve said previously)

  1. Graphic recording is a highly effective way of capturing key learning points (so much better than my notes).
  2. Pictures really do speak a thousand words. People can effectively understand and remember complicated messages through images.
  3. The impact is long-lasting. I’m more likely to re-visit a picture or print it out and pin it on a wall than re-read my scribbled notes.

About WhatsthePONT

I'm from Old South Wales and I'm interested almost everything. Narrowing it down a bit: cooperatives, social enterprises, decent public services, complexity science, The Cynefin Framework, behavioural science and a sustainable future. In 2018/19 I completed a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship, looking at big cooperative enterprises and social businesses in NE Spain and the USA. You can find out more here:

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