Its good to have a hobby. Currently mine is #TiL253

I’ve tried all sorts of hobbies over the years. Probably my worst has been building Airfix models. It’s the glue. And the painting. And don’t get me started on those transfer things that are supposed to ‘slide on with ease’ to complete your masterpiece. There are several boxes of ‘bodged’ attempts lurking in our attic. […]

Struggling with Learning from Failure? Just host a Cheese Fondue Party

Buried deeply in the recesses of our kitchen cupboards is a Le Creuset Cast Iron, Lifetime Guarantee, Fondue Set (somewhere near the automatic bread maker and the juice making thing). It was a wedding present and represented the height of 1980’s sophistication… apparently. It’s never been used as far as I can remember. All that boiling […]

Public Service Journalism Returns, version 2.0, back by courtesy of the BBC

I originally wrote this post as a Guest Editor on Comms2point0 . This is an updated version. As newsrooms shrink there has been concern over the poor standard of journalism to hold public institutions to account and inform the public. Under new plans from the BBC this may affect you. Public Service Journalism is Back. Realistically, […]

What is the First Rule of ‘Organisational Trust Building Club’?

Obviously the answer is… Rule 1. You do not talk about Organisational Trust Building Club.  And, Rule 2. You DO NOT talk about Organisational Trust Building Club. Anyone who remembers the 1999 film, Fight Club, will hopefully understand the reference. If you are wondering what on earth a secret club for bare-chested blokes (having bare knuckle […]

The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and Behaviour Change

Behaviour Change and The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act have featured a lot for me over the last 12 months. Here is something I wrote in an attempt to bring the two together. There is a lot more to it than this than 1000 words will allow, and more posts will follow. Title wise, I […]

The Dangerous Olive of Evidence and Stop Chasing Innovation #behfest16

The Dangerous Olive of Evidence. Yes, that does sound a bit weird, but please stick with me for the explanation. Close your eyes and just imagine an Olive (don’t worry, I’m not trying to trick you into a Mindfulness experiment). Imagine a nice plump juicy green olive; Spanish, Greek, Italian, take your pick. Enjoy the […]

Homologation, Rule Changes and Forcing Innovation

 What is Homologation? A quick multiple choice test; The process for making fruit smoothies, The measurement of tree trunks at a saw-mill, or Approval being granted by an official body. Congratulations if you chose Number 3. Homologation is indeed the process of an official body (Government, Court of Law, Academic Body, Professional Institution, Industry Body etc) […]

Cardiff NHS Hackday 2015 – A Wales Coastal Path Pitch

This weekend sees the return of the Cardiff NHS Hackday and I’m going to make the plunge. Last year I was an interested observer, and produced a few posts about what happened (available here). This year I’m hoping to make a pitch. This might be a completely daft idea, so I’m testing it here first, what […]

Googlewhacking: a great example of digital ephemera

Hands up if you know what a Googlewhack is? I’ve recently re-aquainted myself with the term after discovering the 2005 book “Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure”, during some pre-Christmas house painting (an ancient and compulsory tradition my wife assures me). Basically a Googlewhack is what happens when you put two words in to Google, click search, […]