Hackdays. The antidote to a clogged up system?

You must have heard the quotes that get rattled out in public services to encourage different ways of thinking? Often misquoted, they get attributed to to Albert Einstein (to add some credibility) and are generally along the lines of: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them” “Insanity: doing […]

If I ruled the world, all public sector senior managers would do a secondment in the community by @Jargonautical

I recently overhead one of those slightly awkward “what’s your job” dinner conversations. Guest 1,”I’m an NHS Senior Manager”…..Guest 2, “Oh” ……. Guest 1, “I’m actually a nurse by background. I did all my practical training on the hospital wards, qualified as a nurse and moved into management much later on”…… the conversation went well […]