Holding Up The Mirror. What does that even mean? How would you do it?

Here’s a thing. Have you ever had a conversation where someone says; “let’s hold the mirror up to that one”, you make agreeable noises and nod your head in a seriously earnest way? However, deep down you are wondering; “what on earth does that even mean?”, “how do we stick a project review action plan […]

Oblique Strategies – Random Disruption, Rock Stars and Innovation

Question: What has David Bowie and Brian Eno, a 1970’s recording studio, the “Heroes” album, and a pack of cards called ‘Oblique Strategies’ got to do with your Corporate ‘brainstorming and innovative creativity’ team away day session? Answer: Quite a lot actually. Sorry to disappoint those hoping for some pointers on ‘creativity enhancing pharmaceuticals’ (although […]