If you want to understand your own culture, spend some time in someone else’s

Almost everywhere I go at the moment someone is trying to change their organisation’s culture. “We are striving for; a learning culture, a feedback culture, a continuous improvement culture, a client focused culture, a listening culture, a culture vulture, blah blah blah.” A while ago I heard some good advice from Fons Trompenaars at Academi […]

If I ruled the world, all public sector senior managers would do a secondment in the community by @Jargonautical

I recently overhead one of those slightly awkward “what’s your job” dinner conversations. Guest 1,”I’m an NHS Senior Manager”…..Guest 2, “Oh” ……. Guest 1, “I’m actually a nurse by background. I did all my practical training on the hospital wards, qualified as a nurse and moved into management much later on”…… the conversation went well […]