Gemba Walks, Kaizen the Elvis way…..”walk a mile in my shoes”

This is a prelude to a post on the Gemba Mat improvement technique I saw used an IdeasUK networking event at Ricoh in Telford. Gemba Mat is a beautifully straightforward and effective improvement and employee engagement approach that is worthy of a build-up so I’ll leave you in anticipation. Gemba is a version of the […]

Can mobile phones help learning in schools?

At the beginning of the academic year I had to sign up to my kid’s school (anti) mobile phone policy. Effectively it banned the use of mobile devices during school hours. The reason was to combat things like cyber bullying and other types of misuse. Worthwhile objectives, but I’m not sure how enforceable it is. I remember the […]

Bernie the Sheep, social marketing tackling social problems

Here’s an example of how social marketing and social media are being used innovatively to deliver better public services in Wales.  I really would have liked to have found something other than a sheep story (they tend to reinforce stereotypes). But with about 9 million sheep, we are the most important sheep rearing area in […]

“Build it and they will come…… Dude”

This follows on from the last post about 38degrees, the use of social media and the idea of “go to where the people are”. I was in a meeting with some colleagues talking about how get the public sector more engaged with social media and how we should “go to where the people are” and absolutely […]