Corporate Reporting – What can we learn from Fast Food Vendors?

“A picture is worth a thousand words…, “ an idea that is universally recognised, frequently used in business, but not often seen where it might have most impact – Senior Executive/Board meetings. Descriptive text still dominates most senior level reports, often using ‘corpspeak’; a peculiar form of jargon developed by people like *The Head of […]

Florence Nightingale; the mother of Infographics? (btw she was also a nurse…)j

Recently I’ve had a few interesting conversations around this exchange: Question, “What did Florence Nightingale do? ” Typical response, “She was a Nurse……(of course!)“.┬áBut….. “did you know she was also a mathematician? In the 1850’s produced a remarkable graphic showing the causes of death of hospitalised soldiers during the Crimean war.┬áThe graphic convinced Parliament to […]

Flipchart foraging and why its worth trying the Draw Something app

One of my pastimes is checking out the abandoned flipcharts I find in the variety of offices and meeting rooms I get to frequent. It’s quite a revealing pastime (possibly about me unfortunately). Occasionally you do stumble across sensitive material, obviously this goes straight in the confidential waste bin, or back into the hands of […]

Hand Sanitisation (washing) and visual management in hospital

This is another experience to come out of my visit to hospital. I couldn’t help notice how much effort had gone into 5S and visual management on one of the wards. Good news I thought as I’d heard a lot about how it is being used to improve effectiveness in hospitals. 5S (sort, set, shine, standardise, […]

Kaizen! Toast v Beer, Who Wins?

I love You Tube, it a great resource for sharing and learning but sadly not widely used by public services (in many organisations it’s blocked, like most social media). I’m also quite interested in beer, so this grabbed my attention, particularly when you throw in Kaizen. Amongst the dozens of You Tube videos on Kaizen, […]